Ode to the Call of Duty Care Package

Oh, care package, thou art more lovely than the dawn,
A trove of might and mystery upon the battlefield spawn.

With your drop from the heavens so bold and bright,
You bring to Paladin Jade’s heart a gleaming light.

In the throes of war, ’midst the chaos and fray,
Your arrival is a beacon, turning night to day.

A valentine, a comrade, a gift from above,
For our gallant Paladin, you are a symbol of love.

Adorned with stripes, and secrets inside,
What wonders you hold within your armored hide!

A UAV, a chopper, or a gunship that roars,
With each release, our spirited Jade soars.

For when the gunfire fades and the smoke clears away,
It’s the care package with whom she’d choose Valentine’s Day.

A date with destiny, a dance with chance,
In your cubic embrace, she finds her battle stance.

So here’s to you, oh box of delight,
Who lands with a thud and turns the tide of the fight.

Paladin Jade, with hair streaked with night,
Adores you most, her shining knight.

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